Fall Decor & DIY Trends You Have to Try this Season at Flatiron District at Austin Ranch

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If you have looked forward to the fall season, it is finally here! And your first order of business should be to redecorate the cozy spaces in your apartment. While most people shy away from redecorating because of the work and time required, this isn't always the case.

Fall Decor You Need

This season's accessories appear much more used and older or vintage inspired. Antique console tables and fall apartment d├ęcor accessories from thrift stores are fashionable, as throw cushions are made from old Turkish rugs.

Try These DIY Projects This Season

Instead of spending time shopping for pieces online, you can explore your creative side with these simple DIY trends.

Pumpkins in crepe paper

It only takes a few simple steps to make these charming artificial pumpkins. Start with three different-sized foam balls. Using a wooden spoon, press into the balls to make the bumps and depressions that define the shapes of real pumpkins. Orange crepe paper should be used to cover the foam balls, and the tops of each ball should be secured with a U-pin. Paint the balls coated in crepe paper with craft glue to give the outside of the pumpkins a gloss. Use gold or copper wire to wrap the pumpkins, nestling it between the crevices to define their contours and give visual interest. To make the stem, glue an end of the stick onto the top of the pumpkin.

Leafy Vases

It doesn't get any sweeter than this for fall vases. You can quickly replicate this homemade autumn craft using decal paper with leaf prints. To add autumnal flair to your living area, soak the patterns in a cold-water bowl before applying the leaf forms to simple or colored vases.

It's time for your apartment living makeover

The cozy season presents the perfect opportunity if it has been a while since you gave your apartment a fresh new look. All you need is a free weekend and maybe a bottle of wine to sip on as you enjoy the crafting. Your apartment will be fall-ready in no time.

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