How to Use Small Spaces

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Apartment living doesn't have to be cramped and uncomfortable. It takes strategy and creativity to make the most of any small space. You can still make your apartment your sanctuary and a place you will always be happy to come home to.

Creating a Relaxed Nook in a Small Spaces

Using some small space hacks can transform any apartment into something wonderful. It is important for places like a bedroom to feel at peace while spending time there. One way to make a small bedroom more relaxing is to choose calming colors. For example, LED lights are too harsh for a bedroom. Instead, soft lighting can be soothing before bedtime. Another way to keep a small space calm and pleasant is to paint the walls in shades of gray or even off-white. Decorating with full-length curtains is also recommended.

It isn't just the colors used that make a small room cozy. The same effect can be achieved by furnishing a bedroom with pieces that have more than one function. A Murphy bed can add seating to a bedroom during the daytime. Another suggestion for making the most of a small space is to include a storage bench in the room.

Organizing Hacks

Organizing and reducing clutter is also a big part of making a small room feel comfortable. Some hacks for doing so include having wall and corner shelving units. This is an effective way to hang clothing and store shoes while still allowing easy access to them. Installing bookshelves over a bed can also be effective.

Using Small Space Hacks to Maximize Apartment Living

Knowing how to make the most of a small space is extremely beneficial. The hacks mentioned above are just a few ways to make a small apartment feel as cozy as possible. Space-saving measures can be taken in every room with a little imagination.

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