DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving

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The holiday season is swiftly approaching, so if you're looking for easy DIY Halloween decoration ideas, then you are going to need a few handy tips up your sleeve. By following the simple decorating guidelines listed below, you can create unique seasonal Fall decor that transitions beautifully into the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are some quick and easy festive ideas to get you started on transforming your apartment living decor at Flatiron District at Austin Ranch into the upcoming holiday season.

Why DIY?

Whether you choose to purchase pre-made or build your decorations, the idea behind creating DIY decorations is not just about saving money but also the positive benefits for your mind and sense of achievement. DIY festive decorating is rapidly becoming more and more popular and not just among the younger age groups. All you need is an open mind, scissors, tape, and possibly some Fall colored paint to get you ready to create and transform your apartment for all things Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Get Inspired By These Decor Ideas

Festive decorations that are made to resemble themes during the Austin Fall season, such as fallen leaves and cooler temperatures, are best when creating your holiday decor. To achieve this, gather rustic materials that can be found outside, such as sticks, fallen leaves, and pine cones mixed with purchased materials such as straw, hessian fabric, and of course pumpkins, to get you on your creative way.

Outside gold leaf pumpkins

Mix up the typical Halloween pumpkins and explore with gold and white paint. Find a collection of different sizes, alternate painting the body of the pumpkins white and others gold, and using the opposite color for the pumpkin stem. For additional effect, spray paint leaves gold and glue on the white pumpkins. It's better if these are larger. Put the collection on your balcony or outside your front door.

Coffee table festive Fall decor feature

Get a large wooden bowl and fill it with pine cones. Place three large candles in the center of the bowl — bonus points if they have cinnamon and spiced aroma. Use a glass covering on top to protect the pine cone from the flame. Create textures by cutting a square placemat using hessian material and place under the bowl.

Enjoy the Holiday Season Apartment Decor

With careful planning for materials and an afternoon put aside, you can create the perfect look for your Flatiron District at Austin Ranch apartment. These simple and easy decorations take less than five minutes to make and will effortlessly transform your living room. Now you're ready to enjoy the holiday season ahead.

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