How To Puppy Proof Your Apartment

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Were you thinking of adding a new furry member to your family? You’ve come to the right place. Getting a pup can be a lot of fun. However, they also come with significant responsibility. Your pup is essentially a small child, and they will need just as much love, support, and guidance. Making sure your apartment is set up for your pup is essential to living at ease. Follow these practical tips for prepping your Flat Iron District apartment for a puppy! 

Your Pup Will Love These Amenities

First, the amenities where you live make having a pet much easier to handle. Being a pet parent, you must be privy to going on walks and periodic training sessions outside so they can learn where to relieve themselves and accommodate to being in new environments. The Flat Iron District at Austin Ranch provides an array of amenities that make your pet’s home life a breeze. Inside, spacious floorplans make for an accommodating living area for you and your pup. The upscale wood floors will help minimize the mess from accidents during the housebreaking process. 

Your pets will love our communities’ outdoor areas as well! From the lush walking trails to the lounging spaces, the community features things to help them relax and stay active. 

Rental-Friendly Ways To Ensure You Get Your Deposit Back 

Keeping your apartment in tip-top shape during your rental period is crucial. If you decide to move out, the quality of the apartment is left in can cost you if there are damages, especially from an animal. By purchasing doggy gates, wee-wee pads, and other pup accessories, you’re not only preparing your home but also keeping your pockets and pet safe as well. 

We Welcome Your New Addition 

Flat Iron District at Austin Ranch welcomes your pets with open arms. Pets liven up the home and your life as well. They contain several mental health benefits and can support your physical health by keeping you up and active. 

Enjoy a new experience and embrace your new pet parenthood in your Flatiron District at Austin Ranch Apartment! Always remember to have fun with your new little addition. 

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