Ways To Go Green in Your Flatiron District Apartment

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Our homes are typically the place where we have spent most of our time the past year. From binging show and after show, to cooking in the kitchen (most we probably had in years), utility bills have more than likely skyrocketed. That leads to trying to figure out how to ease up on the electricity and just the overall wear and tear on our homes, right? Well, today we are here to suggest GOING GREEN and to give you some valuable tips on how to do so in your Flatiron District Apartment



One way to go green at home is, you guessed it! RECYCLING! This is about the easiest way to be a gift to not just your home but the Earth in its entirety. There is so much trash that gets trafficked to our world’s oceans and bodies of water and we are all to blame. Having a separate trash can and bag for your recyclables can be beneficial to your pockets.  Save enough of your plastic and glass containers and you can turn them for cash at your local recycle center. That in turn can go towards another expense for your apartment, your savings, or even toward a local charity. Let’s look at another way to go green in your apartment.


Green Light?

Next, another efficient way to grow green and tackle that monthly electricity bill is to switch your lightbulbs out for energy efficient bulbs. Although we don’t recommend you actually having green lights in your home, bulbs that have earned the energy typically use between 25-80 percent less energy than your standard bulb. You can leave the bulbs you have in now to avoid being wasteful however when it is time to replace them look for the energy star label; those are appliances great for conserving energy. 


To conclude, being eco-friendly may take some time to adjust to but the personal and mass benefits reaped from those better habits will make for smaller utility bills and a healthier world around you. 


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