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Animals generally have a way of connecting with us that is literally unspeakable. Many believe it to our connection with our former primitive selves aligning with the energies of a primitive species. Pets rely on us and for us that have em, we rely on them for different things. Having a companion promotes independence. Pets are good to us. They show an almost unfathomable amount of loyalty.  Your pets can reduce stress, anxiety, and give you the ability to develop deeper empathy.  Providing companionship can mean different things for many different people but pets have for sure been a cure for loneliness. 

2021 has taken a toll on all of us in many ways.  So much has transpired lately it’s kind of hard to complain these days when you can literally see someone dealing worse than you are. We all have been through so much it setting goals almost seems aimless. Therapy is a great way to begin your inner work, but it isn’t for everybody. Talking for some may bring on more anxiety and there may be subjects difficult to mention, and that’s ok. Therapy causes you to unmask things that will for sure take you through the wringer emotionally; so it is not for the faint of heart. There are several ways to relieve your mind but one way you can bring on those Zen vibes is by adopting a pet. Rescue animals can be the most loving and caring animals; they also have been through a lot which resulted in them being in a shelter most likely. Rescue animals also are extremely intuitive. Who wouldn’t love a moment where you’ve had a long day…the weight of the world on your shoulders and your little dog or cat just comes, give you a look and a little lick or caress? Pets are very great comforters in times of need. 


Whether dog or cat, studies have shown pets have been the catalyst for adopting a healthier lifestyle in those that suffer from depression and stress as well. Person-to-person touch is a great way to manage stress and having a pet will aid you in your ability to do so inside your Flatiron District at Austin Ranch apartment.


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