How to Make the Most of the Amenities at Flatiron District at Austin Ranch

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Your home’s amenities give it the special something that sets it apart from the rest; or at least from your last home.  From the indoor to outdoor amenities there are many reasons to love your home but ask yourself: Are you getting the most out of it? Most of us have amenities and appliances that we have never used that would be of great use to us. To ensure you’re making the most out of your Flatiron District at Austin Ranch apartment we’re going to help in your journey to making the most out of your amenities. 


Kitchen Amenities & Appliances

The kitchen is where your talent, creativeness, or lack thereof presents itself. Fortunately, the kitchen is a place in your home that talent is not always found in just the meals. 

Styling your kitchen Island or counters can really add some flare to your home. Many just look at the kitchen amenity, also commonly known as a Breakfast Bar, as just a place to store some of your kitchen items and a place to dine. However entertaining guests can be done here just simply by how you accentuate it with the rest of your home. Try adding some beautiful vases or flowers to add some color and soften up the room. Rustic accessories also add a level of vintage and elegance if that’s the look desired. 

Lighting & Fans

Finding the most inviting light that enhances the appearance of your home is vital to not only your inner interior designer but your guests as well. 

Our homes feature expansive windows giving an abundance of natural light great for photos as well as providing a welcoming light in your home.  Warm lighting is usually used in the common areas of your home so taking a photo there will usually result in an image with a warmer tone. Another way is using your home’s natural color scheme. With the designer color schemes, we offer you’ll surely enjoy making your home have its own unique take on interior decorating. 

With the abundance of amenities, we offer inside and out, making the most out of your new home should be a piece of cake! 


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