Holiday Decoration Preservation

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Food. Gifts. DECORATIONS. There are many components to the holiday season that make for an interesting time of year, to say the least. Creating an ambiance in your home may be difficult, and the clean-up may have its own certain level of difficulty as well. Today we are going to share some holiday décor storage ideas for you to utilize during the holiday off-season.  

Store with Intent

Are you storing with the intent of reuse or just trying to declutter with no afterthought of future use? Festive décor, depending on the size, may have one-time use initially but storing them properly affords you the opportunity to use them however many times the item's quality will permit.

Utilize storage bins or carts with individual compartments to ensure all your items are neatly tucked away until next year.  

Categorize Your Items

Knowing where things are is another useful tool in preserving decorations.

 If you’re storing lights you’re going to want to store them in a cool place first and foremost. Be sure to check the labels your items came in to see the best way to store them as well. 

To make sure they remain of good quality, labeling their storage container as FRAGILE or GLASS will be constructive toward your preservation goals. 

For wires and cables, keep them separate to minimize the opportunity for tangling and shortages. 

Also, labeling will help with knowing exactly what you have to work with and will ultimately help you decide if you want to redo the same holiday theme or go out and buy new decorations.


Now that you have some tips on storing your items, it’s time to put them to use. Check out your storage closet or wherever you store decorations in your Flatiron District at Austin Ranch Apartment, and make sure your items are properly preserved.  


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