Gratefulness All Month Long

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November brings on the season of gratitude to many. Our hearts and minds shift more towards family and friends and how much they mean to us. The time of year is upon us where the weather gets colder and our hearts get warmer. Whether young or old, the attitude of gratitude reigns supreme, and with this year's events and all that came with the ongoing Pandemic we all have a lot to be grateful for this year. 

Today, we’re going to share some ways you can show your gratitude all month long. 


Local food pantries and thrift shops all across the world do the great act of supplying those in need. A lot of industries and businesses were hit really hard by changes brought on by the pandemic which in turn caused a shift in resources. Donations will make a huge difference in the ability to provide necessities to those in need. Whether it be some canned goods or that old sweater and pair of shoes collecting dust in your closet, doing your part this holiday season will make a huge difference in someone else’s life. There are a host of Thrift Shops and Food Pantries in The Colony, Texas; it’s all just a matter of choosing one. 

Contact Your Loved Ones

Each person living and breathing today is just one phone call away. We use our phones daily however when it comes to the means of interpersonal communication, we seem to fall short of the intent of usage. That feeling you get when you hear from an old friend or your favorite cousin you only see once a year is something electric that you yourself can evoke in another person. Create a list of family or friends to contact during the holidays, or create a group chat and send a funny holiday meme to put a smile on someone’s face. 

No matter what’s going on, the holidays are generally the time of year for reflection and thoughtfulness. Residents of Flatiron District at Austin Ranch, make sure to take some time to look within and spread some positivity from the privacy of your home this November. 


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