Enjoy National Ice Cream Month at The Colony

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Something wonderful about July is that it is National Ice Cream Month! Woo! What a great opportunity to take a break and treat yourself to a well-deserved treat. You should go out and enjoy as much ice cream as you can around The Colony apartments. There are plenty of good places in your city worth checking out for National Ice Cream Month. To make the most of this celebration of ice cream, check out some of the advice below.

1.       For those of you who do not know, there are actually a plethora of kinds of ice creams. You have your traditional soft-serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbert, and sorbets. They are all worth trying, and you should go with the excuse that it’s National Ice Cream Month to indulge. The sherberts and sorbets are non-dairy, so you can enjoy eating ice cream if you happen to have any food allergies.

2.       Several people still don’t want to leave their apartments unless it’s absolutely crucial, and we understand that. Therefore, if you fall into this category and don’t want to leave The Colony apartments, then you don’t have to! There are a variety of ways you can make ice cream from your very own home. For tips on how to do that, click here. This will satisfy your cravings and make sure you are still safe regarding the virus.

3.       And lastly, as mentioned previously, The Colony has lots of great places to enjoy this cold dessert. You should try ice cream from Creamistry because it’s close to your apartments and their reviews are great!

Do you have plans to indulge in National Ice Cream Month? Will you use the excuse to sample every type of ice cream you can? And are you up for the challenge of creating your own ice cream from home? Don’t forget- you can always venture out to your local spots and try ice cream that your town has to offer. If you suggest any places specifically to try ice cream, comment below.


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