Everything You Need to Know About The Colony’s History

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Do you know anything about The Colony’s rich history? Given the latest circumstances surrounding COVID, you may have been cooped in much of the time, but don’t forget the luxury that living in The Colony’s apartments has to offer. There are a lot of things going on in The Colony, as well as a rich history.

Here are some facts you may have not known about The Colony until now:

  • The Colony gets its name from the Peters Colony. Back in the day, The Peters Colony headquarters would be found within the current lines that mark the The Colony as the historical community of Stewartsville and the location of the Hedgcoxe War. Contrary to popular belief, it's also a fact that The Colony is the site of Bridges Settlement.

  • Your city, The Colony was not in existence before 1973, until home developers Fox and Jacobs purchased 3,000 acres of land located around State Highway 121 and Farm to Market Road 423

  • The name "The Colony" was chosen by Fox and Jacobs because they desired the city to have a sense of rememberance with Texas' early history.

  • In 1973, Fox and Jacobs came to an agreement with Frisco to begin building homes in its extraterritorial jurisdiction. 

  • In January 1977, The Colony voted to become an incorporated city by 1979, became a Home Rule City. Members of The Colony participated in two votes to come up with a name for the new city, and both settled with "The Colony".

Hopefully this article has given you hope that when this quarantine is over, there are lots of interesting things to explore in The Colony near your apartments. We may take for granted the cities we reside in, simply because we've just been there too long, but it's important to take times of reflection like this to educate ourselves. The quarantine is nearly over, and remember, with time and patience, we will get through this.


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