Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

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Just because we are now spending more time indoors, that does not mean we can’t have fun! There are plenty of great indoor activities for the entire family. Plus, many of these activities will help strengthen your family and create memories that will last forever. So, let’s make the most of this time together and engage in some fun activities. Keep reading to find out more.


Have a Costume Party

Do you have old, random Halloween costumes sitting around? Let’s throw ‘em on. Who says they have to be saved for October? Giving yourself a reason to get dressed up is a great way to boost your spirits and morale, plus you might find an awesome costume that you forgot about. Don’t have costumes? Make some! Go through your closet and find some staple items that you can use for a standard costume like a princess, pirate, hippy, etc. Then have an impromptu photo shoot with the family. Now could even be the perfect time to start making your costume for Halloween.


Have a Game Night

When was the last time you dug out those board games and put them to good use? Now might be the perfect opportunity. Gather the family around the table for the day and play some classic games like Trouble, Chess, Charades, etc. If you really want to turn on the heat, break out Monopoly and let the games begin. You can even raise the stakes by offering prizes for the winners, like no chores for the rest of the week! 


Do Some Karaoke

With the advancement of technology, you no longer have to go to a karaoke bar to get your singing on! Simply head over to YouTube and search for the karaoke version of your favorite song. Have fun singing to your heart’s content, just be courteous of your neighbors with your volume. Sometimes songs can help you express how you are truly feeling, so a little singing can go a long way in helping you cope with the state of things right now. 


So, now that you have some fun, creative ways to spend your time at home, let’s get started. Remember, time at home with the family is valuable and now is a time to build relationships and memories together. Have any other at home activities to recommend? Share them in the comments below. 

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