A Rainy Day in The Colony Apartments

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A Rainy Day in The Colony Apartments

January and February are known to bring about winter showers. With all of the downpour, a dull and boring day doesn’t have to be the norm. If a rainy day is to blame for a gloomy mood, we’ve got just the remedy. Overcast skies are the perfect cue to round up some pals and have a fun-filled day. We promise you will keep wanting to have fun long after the sun comes up.

Things to Do in Your Apartment on a Rainy Day

When a rainy day puts a damper on your parade, just head over to the community clubhouse at your chic apartments in The Colony! The expansive community clubhouse comes equipped with a billiards lounge as well as plenty of seating and lounge chairs. So while it is drizzling out, the party can be happening inside.

Let’s Head to the Clubhouse!

Make use of the billiards lounge, where you and your buddies can shoot several rounds! If shooting pool isn’t your style, then bring along a deck of cards. The clubhouse is equipped with plenty of seating to accommodate you and your party. A few rounds of Poker, Black Jack, Spades, or Crazy Eights may be the thing that cures the rainy day blues. If you’re not that card savvy, going for a few rounds of Go Fish may be just the thing!

Let’s the Games Begin!

To combat a rainy day, the best thing to combat it is to embrace it! Throw on some casual attire, and round up some friends. A rainy day may just be the perfect excuse to bring everyone together for some quality time and a fun-filled afternoon!

What are some of your favorite card games? Share with us in the comments and let us know!

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