Best Halloween Movies on Netflix

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With Halloween quickly approaching, you are probably looking for a way to get into the spooky season! And, what better way to start the scares than by putting on a scary movie. Fortunately, with Netflix being available on just about every device, you have access to a wide variety of horror movies right at your fingertips. For your enjoyment, we have compiled a list of the best Halloween movies on Netflix. Keep in mind that these are scary movies, so check out their rating before watching!



Were you a fan of the Goosebumps books as a child? Well, now there is a movie version and it is available on Netflix. This film is rated PG and is fun for every generation of horror fans. It even stars Jack Black who plays the role of Goosebump’s author R.L. Stine. 



If you are looking for a classic slasher film to welcome in the spookiest time of year, check out Scream! This 1996 film is a must-see for all horror fans over the age of 18 as it is rated R. You will most likely recognize a few quotes from this film including “What’s your favorite scary movie?”


Bird Box

This Netflix original became an overnight sensation last year with its meme-worthy images, but it is so much more than just that; this scary movie will keep you on the edge of your seat for its entire two hours! Bird Box is rated R so only watch it if you think you can handle it.



Cloverfield may seem like a dated movie now, but back in it’s day, this film was monumental in the horror genre with its style of filming! Check it out on Netflix to help you get in the Halloween spirit. 


The Ritual

Released on Netflix in 2017, The Ritual will keep you on the edge of your seat! If you are feeling brave, check this film out, but it is best not to watch it alone; however, by the end of the movie, you will definitely feel like you are not alone. 


Now that you know about some of the best horror movies on Netflix, go check ‘em out; they are sure to put you in the Halloween spirit. Have any other Netflix suggestions? Let us know in the comments below. 

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