Adding a Twist to Classic Sweet Tea

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As the temperature rises and the days last longer and longer, there’s only one thing that can beat the heat; sweet tea. Sweet tea is a longstanding Southern tradition, and in a state where we honor our longstanding traditions, we take our tea seriously. We believe in the power of sweet tea to heal our wounds and take us back to carefree days of childhood. Despite this, there’s something to be said for a sweet tea with a kick. Whether its an infusion of flavor or a little bourbon, we’re here for it. That’s why we’re sharing some fun twists to classic sweet tea.

Strawberry Infused Sweet Tea

Nothing tastes better than biting into a fresh strawberry. But, what if you combined that fresh strawberry with some classic sweet tea. The results are out of this world. The easiest way to combine these flavors is to make some simple syrup and add some strawberries to the mix. For a recipe and instructions on how to do this, visit dinner, dishes, and desserts. Once the syrup is reduced and ready to go, add it to your tea and taste the difference.

Mint Julep Sweet Tea

We know the season truly turns when its time for the Kentucky Derby. What a better way to celebrate the summer than by adding a little minty kick to your traditional sweet tea. All you need to make this is traditional sweet tea, some mint, and some gin. Combine everything into a pitcher, stir, serve, and enjoy. We recommend enjoying this fine drink while sitting outside and watching the sunset.

Sweet Tea Tiramisù

Sweet tea isn’t just for drinking. In fact, it’s a great addition to many desserts. For example, sweet tea tiramisù! This velvety smooth dessert is the perfect finale to any summer meal. All you need are the traditional ingredients for tiramisù and some classic sweet tea. Though it takes a while to make, this dessert is worth every minute. Click here for the full recipe.

Do you have any fun twists to classic sweet tea? If so, we’d love to see the recipe, share it in the comments. We’re all ears!

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