Find Love Near The Colony Apartments In Time for Valentine’s Day!

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Loneliness is one of the worst feelings in the world! Are you single and tired of cooking for one? The great thing about living in your apartments in The Colony is that there are lots of places you can go to around you where you can meet that special someone.

It’s pretty well-known that more traditional ways of meeting people are at work, your university, the gym, and through mutual friends. But if you’ve already tried all these avenues and you still haven’t met someone don’t give up hope. There is a chance to meet someone at any of these given places near your apartments in The Colony:

• Hang out a coffee shop more regularly to meet your fellow neighbors. This is a healthier approach than trying to meet someone at a bar. Just go there regularly to do work or establish a writing routine and you may find yourself with a crush!

• Be sure to sign up for a class at a gym that is notorious for having members of the opposite sex. So if you’re a single woman, for instance, try signing up for a boxing class….If you’re a guy, try signing up for yoga…don’t think of it as being sneaky or anything, but simply capitalizing on Glendale’s resources for you to find the love of your life.

• Try joining MeetUp, where lots of singles sign-up to meet locals in their area to bond over common interests.

Even if you (or your “friend”) has been single for a while now, don’t give up hope. If you make an effort, you may find someone in The Colony by Valentine’s Day.

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